Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Last week Elder "L" got pretty sick. So on a couple of days we kinda just sat inside most of the day.. It was nice but I wan ancy to get out.. So this week was a little bit rough... But... "D" got baptized!!! Ah man it was so sweet! So on Friday morning, she called us and told us that she definitely wanted to be baptized but she wasn't sure for this Sunday. We had an appt with her that afternoon (her interview) and we said "ok, well can we still do the interview? It will help you a lot." So Elder "B" (ZL) came and did it, and she seemed super happy afterwards. But.. she still wasn't sure. Elder "L" and I had a quick lesson with her afterwards and we found out her concern was what her mother, who is a jew, would say. Well we were praying like crazy and hoping that "D" would have the courage to tell her mom that this is what she wanted to do. Well on Saturday morning, "D" called again and said that her mom is totally supportive!! It was so sweet to see the Lord soften someone's heart and see His hand in this process. It was a fantastic experience. Finally after all that hard work, we had some success. Now we just need to find someone else to baptize... haha nah we have a couple cool investigators. We'll continue to work with them. 
Yes we had to get out and work yesterday on Labor Day. Not a whole lot of fun. It wasn't horrible because we had a couple appt's. It was hard harvesting because everyone was just barbecuing and didn't want to talk to us. Oh well. So this is Elder "L's" 2nd to last transfer. He leaves Oct 25, because next transfer is 5 weeks instead of 6. I think President sent you an email about that.. But we're good friends, everything is good. 
I don't really care to vote this year. I'd rather do it when I actually know something about the candidates other than one is black and the other one is mormon haha. So don't worry about that. Sorry I haven't sent the recorder, it's just I haven't been able to get the bubble envelopes. Oh, will you find some conference cd's that you can send? Like just on cd because that's what we use in the car. Maybe like the last two and 2010 Oct I think? The one where President Uchdtorf gave "Your Happily Ever After" in the YW thing. That's one of my favorite talks........... 
Anyway, how's the home life? Alright? It's the same old here. I've actually increased my kitchen skills immensely. Ask me to make you guys some Mexican lasagna when I get home :) K I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! I miss you. But love you lots and lots. Byeeeeee

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