Monday, September 10, 2012

Loving Plantation!

So we're at the library downtown today. A way nice library but I only have 12 min left :( time limits on these things... Anyway.. How's everyone doing? I'm really enjoying Plantation and Florida in general. It's been a lot of fun. I was so so happy to see "D" get baptized and confirmed. Her confirmation was yesterday and the 1st counselor did it, Brother "W."I'm glad because he did a fantastic job and I have a really good relationship with him. Will definitely be one to visit when we come back here.
We got a sweet new family that we're teaching that's a family of 4 (3 baptismal age). There's "P" and "D,"then their 14 month old daughter "A"and "D's" mom "D." But they've been looking for a church and have been to like a million. They know some mormons and said that they're like the happiest people ever so they looked up the church and were a media referral. They definitely have been prepared by the Lord. They came to church last Sunday and loved it. We also found a less active lady named "I" who has a 11 yo daughter that both came yesterday. It was "I's" first time in like 5 years so that was awesome. We'll try to baptized her daughter, "S". Actually it's kinda funny how we found her. So her older daughter 21ish, is way involved in another church and wanted her family to go with her.  "S" didn't like it and "I" knew it was false so they never went to any church. So "S" referred herself on so that we'd come over and make Ingrid to come back to our church. haha. But they're way cool. Everything will work out with them.
I can do without a GPS. Thanks mom for asking. Give me a week and I've got the area down :) haha.  Oh btw it's the last week of the transfer. So start sending to the office. Next Wednesday I could be in a totally dif place. Like Key West. Ha. Next transfer is the 5 week transfer so it will end Oct 24. Other than that... Nothing else too big going on. Just same old same old. All 3 of my roommates are sick and I've been good throughout it all but I'm starting to feel a tingle in my throat :( But I'm taking tons of vitamin c so we'll see..
K I miss  you all but I love you a ton more! BYEEEEEEEE 
Elder J Thorne

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