Monday, October 29, 2012

New Ward

Angel Moroni Installation
Thorne Family…

Alright so first of all, I'm really happy and upbeat and loving life :) ha. The past transfer has been unproductive but I'm fine. You know me. These kinds of things don't affect me like that. So everyone doesn't have to worry about me. I'm doing good.

So the Royal Palm Beach ward met for the first time yesterday. It was good. A lot smaller, but really good. Our new ward mission leader is a guy named Bro “S.”  He was baptized 3 years ago. He seems really excited. “S” and her family got evicted last Monday.. We went over that night and they told us that they got the note that day that they had to be out in 24 hrs. It was really tough. We testified about Christ and faith in Him and gave them blessings. They said that they felt a lot better after that. Their family is currently in a motel somewhere so we haven't been able to meet with them. We referred them to the bishop to see what he could do but there isn't a whole lot. So we just keep praying. 

Other than that, this week has been good. We met some cool people this week. One couple that we met who's trying to get closer to God. And 2 Haitian girls who want to come to church. We've taught them both once so we'll see how they progress as well. I think that's it for our new investigator's.. We're planned to see some more people this week so we'll turn them into investigator's. 

It's still car-share here. We get the car one week then the other elders do the next. It's alright.. OMG. Guess who moved.. The “Bs!!” They moved to Idaho apparently. I guess he lost his job too. Super sad. I even wrote them and they weren't even there haha. It was like 3 months ago. I think. But yeah. That's lame. But yes mom, I got your letter. Thanks. It was really good. And dad, I love that talk from President Faust. I've been seeing/reading a lot of quotes that deal with adversity and such. They're really good.

Well... Not a lot going on here. Just the same old. Thanks for all the letters and emails and all that you do. I'm happy. If I'm ever not, you'll know. I miss you all. I hit my 13 month mark yesterday.. SO weird. It seems like just yesterday it was one year. ha. I Love you all.

Elder J Thorne

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