Monday, December 10, 2012

Back in Ft Lauderdale

Thorne Family and others...

Well. Yeah. I guess now the whole surprise aspect is taken out of where I'm at. haha. But I'll announce it anyway.. I'm in Fort Lauderdale East with Elder “R”!! Yep, that Elder “R”. The one that was in the MTC with me and “B.” So now I've been comps with both of them :) The last few days with him have been fun. We get along really well and work very well together. I live in the same complex as I did when I was in Plantation, but a different apartment. We live with the Fort Lauderdale Creole-speaking elders. They're ok... We hang out with the Fort Lauderdale South and Plantation elders a lot. Actually Elder “B” is in Fort Lauderdale South. With a guy named Elder “B” who is a good friend. I don't have the address yet, but I can get it and email it to you later. It's the nicest apt/complex I've seen. The clubhouse is super nice. There are computers (that I'm using now), free hot chocolate, a full gym, and a bunch more stuff that I'm not allowed to use. Haha.

But yeah, this area is so awesome. SUPER ghetto, but lots of nice people haha. Oh, and we're all bike..............................-__-............ haha. Which isn't horrible, it just takes my body a couple of days to get used to. And I have to adjust my pump and basal rate and such. Thanks for the prescription mom, it's hard to get out to get that exam done. I'm always just so busy. The Fort Lauderdale ward is pretty sweet. There are 9 missionaries in the ward! So you've got Ft Laud Creole (2), Fort Laud South (2), Fort Laud [North]East (us 2), and Fort Laud [North]West (AP's 3). So it's hard to have relationships with people in the ward. There's a huge disconnect. And we never get fed by any member's so I'm going have to start spending more money on groceries this month.. Oh, and I have to replace my tires on my bike. Ugh missions are expensive..

We have some pretty cool investigators. A couple dates for this upcoming Sunday. A couple that I've found with Elder “R” and a couple that carried over. But the area has been pretty productive so far. The Standard of Excellence for blessings in people's homes is 15 for the whole week, and I got here on Wednesday and Elder Rondo and I got 40 since then. So we're blessing a lot so we're finding a lot so we'll teach a lot and baptize a lot :) Best transfer ever!! Haha. K I love you all. I can't wait to talk to you and see all of your faces! I love you!!

Elder J Thorne

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