Tuesday, December 4, 2012

On the move again

Dear family,

This week was alright. Not a whole lot happened. We just can't seem to find any solid investigators. “C” and “H” dropped off.. We can't contact them. “S” is still solid, keeps coming to church and activities, but her mom won't give permission. Frustrating. But I guess none of this matters because I'm transferring... I'm pretty bummed. This ward is super cool. Lots of cool families. I am excited, however to hopefully go to a place that has more work for me to do. That'll finally be nice. That reminds me, remember the “Y” family? The one that sent you the picture of us making cookies. Well they moved to Michigan on Friday. Bro. “Y” got a job offer that he took and they wanted them up there soon, so within like a week and a half they had to move. We helped them out last Thursday. It's sad because they were a super awesome family who helped me out a lot. They probably didn't realize it but they've had a huge impact on me. They were so good yet so real about it. Which is exactly who I want to be. I got their contact info so I'm really hoping to stay in touch. I love them a lot.

Like I said, this week was uneventful. Did you see “RB” playing at the Christmas devotional? I did. That was cool. I haven't gotten an eye exam yet, I was waiting until this next transfer to do it. We helped an older couple in the ward put up Christmas lights last week. That was really fun. Made me excited to have a house of my own to decorate.

But yeah. I'm sad I'm leaving. But oh well. It's whatever happens happens. I miss you guys. Love you all.

Elder Thorne

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