Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Dear family and friends.

Well... Merry Christmas! What a wonderful time to go fishing and chill on the beach and hang out in the sun :) haha. So fishing was good this morning. We went with Brother “C,” a way sick member, he's 6'9". We drove to like 8 different places because none were biting. But at the last spot that we were at, I caught big Peacock Bass! It was way cool. We were fishing for like 5 hours from 8-1. We were out west, so on the way home, we stopped by the temple. It looked so cool. I'm excited for it. I really hope I'm here to at least get to the open house!
Anyway, “R” was baptized yesterday. It was good. She has an 11 year old daughter who we'll try to get next week. It's just tough because “R” works every other weekend. We'll see what she can do.. Other than that, we have a few promising investigators.

I snagged a copy of 'Teachings of Lorenzo Snow' last transfer :) so I've read that a little bit. It's really good. I can't believe Coach Anderson left Utah State.. Lame. He sold out. Oh well. I'm glad the players are good. I gotta say, I'm also a little disappointed that Jabari is going to Duke. I hate Duke... But I guess playing there will help him the most. I'm excited for him to be in the NBA, whenever that is. Does he start Duke next season? If so I'll be able to see him play. 

Not a whole lot to say today. I'm just excited to talk tomorrow. No info on what time yet, but when I find out, I'll call and let you know. I miss you all. Love you!!

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