Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A better week

Dear Fam..

So “J1” came to church Sunday and loved it again. He's by far the most solid out of all of them. We went over yesterday, and he asked what and investigator was because he heard it at church (I hate that we call people that, then talk about them at church... haha), and we told him pretty much it's someone learning about the church. And he's like, well I'm not one right? Because I know about the church and I'm going to get baptized. Ha. It was so cool. He's way way awesome. We taught him about the priesthood, and he thought it was really cool too. He just accepts everything and loves it. He'll be a solid member. 

Did I tell you about “G?” The older guy? I think so... But he was supposed to be baptized on Sunday, but we went over on Friday and he had a job he had to do on Sunday.. But everything should be set for this Sunday. He's pretty cool. “J2” has kind of been out of contact for a while.. His mom had to be readmitted into the hospital last Friday or Saturday, so that's why he didn't come to church. We saw him once and he was really overwhelmed with all of the stuff he has to do. It's been pretty sad. He has to go up to Jupiter (it's about an hour drive north) a lot. His brother has been here from Houston for a couple weeks, but he had to go back so it's pretty much all on “J2.” I hope things get better.

Welp.. Things are alright here. Just hangin in there. Oh, so you know how we live with the Creole elders? Well both of them got transferred and so now Elder “J” lives with us. He lived with me up in Boynton, so that's been pretty sweet. And then real quick, I caught a tiny bit of the Falcons game on Sunday. We went in to bless a family's home and they were watching it. We got in right after Crabtree fumbled at the 1-yd line with about 11 min left in the 4th. So when we were done harvesting, I went back to that house and asked who won :) haha.. Ugh I'm mad about that ha. Ok well thank you all for everything. I miss you all but love you guys a whole lot more!!

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