Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Staying put

So, both Elder "R" and I are staying here in Plantation. Remember Dahlila? (not sure how to spell it), but that radio host lady that we always heard? Well we were at Subway the other night and we heard her. It was kinda funny. Made me think of you guys a lot.. Also, my debit card expires in March.... so what do i do?

So investigator wise.. “J” and “K “are still way awesome. Still need to get married.. haha but they're working on it. We told them that one of us could get transferred, and they were like way sad. I didn't know they liked us so much ha. Like, I definitely have loved them, but it hasn't been like love I’ve had before. Like that probably doesn't make sense, but yeah. They love us a lot. I really hope they get baptized this transfer. “G,” is a guy that we're teaching made it to church on Sunday (we actually had to leave in the middle of sac meeting with a member to go get him) and he enjoyed it. That means he can get baptized this Sunday. Hopefully that will happen. “J,” our super awesome investigator, we lost contact with like on Friday. He didn't come to church and he hasn't been home or answered our phone calls. I think something may have happened with his mom.. But I'm not totally sure. I hope we contact him sometime soon. He's great. We also have a kid named “T.” He's 21. He wished he could have lived life different and really wants to change. He also was able to make it to church. Hopefully he'll act on the desires that he has, and if so, can be baptized on Sunday.

We started a bible study class in the ward. It's really good. It's held on Wed nights, the same as the other activities there. 

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