Thursday, January 10, 2013

Week of January 7

So this week was okay.  I have realized that in this area, people are totally down to receive blessings from Christ, but do not do anything else.  We teach a lot of first lessons (which is "How to Begin Teaching"- Page 176 of Preach my Gospel, The Atonement, and boosting desire for baptism.) and we get a lot of new investigators, but no one really follows through commitments we leave with them.  It's really frustrating!  Like on Saturday, we had 10 people committed to come to church, 7 of them we got rides for.  Well, they all bailed so we had 0 people there.  Two of them were these girls we knocked into.  One of them said I was cute and told us she'd come to church just for me :), haha. So those two weren't that solid anyway.  But still...Why can't people just come to church?!

We found a sweet family on Christmas,  Actually 2 of the kids were just staying there for Christmas break, so they left.  But there's a guy named "J," his girlfriend "K," "J's" sister, "J" and her two kids, "D" and "S."  The two girls who left were 10 and 11, baptismal age...dang it! But they're really receptive! But they bailed on church Sunday!  "J" and "K' do have to get married or move out before baptism, but they should get baptized.

We also have a way awesome guy named "J."  We said a prayer with him as he was sitting on his porch. He loves and respects us a lot and we're really developing a friendship.  Hi mom is having health problems up in Jupiter, FL and he said her health has gotten better the more we've met with him!  When we gave him a Book of Mormon, he was so grateful and appreciative.. I don't think anyone has been happier when I've given them a Book of Mormon.  It was really cool!  He really wants to come to church, but his mom's health has made it hard.  He also wants to be baptized and has told his mom, his girlfriend and his neighbors about it.  It's awesome!  he is one I'll keep in  contact with after I get home whether or not he gets baptized.

I'm going to dinner with the "Ws" tonight.  I texted them last week about it.  It'll be good!  We're going to a place called Tijuana Flats.  They picked it.  I've ridden past it.  It doesn't look bad.  

I love you guys and Heather and Hailey a lot!  I miss and love you all a lot!  9 more months!  Isn't that crazy!?  School will finish up, then summer, then I'm home!  So fast!  I wish I came home in like April or May so i wouldn't have to endure another hot summer!  Haha!

I love you all!  Thanks for everything!

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