Monday, April 15, 2013

An "okay" week

How is everyone doing? I'm doing pretty well. This week was ok. Like, I feel like we worked super hard and were very diligent. Our numbers just didn't show it.. It's way annoying. But whatever. I know we can't control what people do. Man.

Anyway. We met a few good people this week. A couple people who straightway said yes to baptism and were pretty solid. One guy who works at the draw bridge right by the church. We also met a way awesome young woman who apparently is super solid. I went on exchanges both Friday and Saturday into the other missionaries’ area, so I didn't get to teach her. But she seems pretty sweet. This week we're going to try super hard to get “K” baptized. No more putting it aside and delaying it. It's got to happen now. And if she doesn't see or realize that, then we're going to have to wait until she's ready. 

Me and Elder “B” are doing well. We mesh well together. He's progressing really well. He's grown a lot.

I love you guys alot. Sorry for such a short email. Not much new around here. We've always got lots of potential, we’ve just got to get it done. I miss you all, but love you a ton more!

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