Monday, April 22, 2013

Really good week

Hey family!
Once again.. Not a whole lot of time today. This week was actually really good. I don't think I mentioned her before, but we have a sick investigator named “D.” The Spanish sisters, Sister “C” and Sister “S,” found her and passed her to us. She lives clear on Oakland Park and Dixie Highway, but she's totally worth it. Well, we've taught her twice and both times we've been on exchange, so I actually haven't taught her yet haha. But.. She came to church yesterday and absolutely loved it! She has the cutest little 4 year old daughter named “K.” She's preparing to be baptized this Sunday, “D” of course. We're super excited. Our other investigator's all fell through on Sunday morning :( On Saturday night they were all set, and we even had rides set up for those who needed them, but they all bailed! :( There is one guy, “S,” who is SO cool. He wanted to come, and he was so set. We taught him on Saturday night at like 8, and he's like 'I gotta go pick up my kids in the morning at 9:30, then come to service. What time does it start again?' "9" 'Oh, well then I'll go get my kids at 7:30. No problem'. But then he didn't show up :( We called him in the morning but no answer.. Idk. We're going over today. 
Other than that, not a whole lot. Well, that's kinda a lot haha. but nothing personal. I'm excited for the clothes and toiletries.
 I love you all!!
Elder J Thorne

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