Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Florida Storm

Sweet fam. 

This week was ok. Not a whole bunch happened. Just seemed like the same old. Good news is, “K” has a date for next Sunday! We're very excited for that. Oh. Except for Elder “W.” Because he's transferring. And I'm staying. So.. Yeah. The craziest things from this week:

I don’t know if you watch or discuss the weather much, but if you do, and you saw or discussed Florida weather, then OMG. You saw or discussed the crazy rain we've had the past few days. The first real bad one was on Friday. We were riding along, and there were tons of dark clouds in the sky. We figured it was going to start raining bad, so we decided to go into Target to go to the bathroom. We came out, looked out the glass doors, and saw that it still wasn't raining. Elder “W” was like, 'Well looks like we're still good'. And me, having been through situations like this, was like, 'hold on'. In literally 10 seconds... Floods and lightning and thunder were all around Target. It was Insane. People came running in and they were drenched. So we hung out in Target. We walked around and looked at the toys. The lights kept flickering on and off. Then the power went out, but the generators kept the lights on. All the cash registers turned off, so they had to start back up again which took forever. So we were in the toy section, and we hear this HUGE crack of thunder, then all of a sudden, the generators died. I don’t know if you've ever been in a windowless super store with the power out, but it is PITCH BLACK. It was black for about ten seconds before the power came back on. It was crazy. Finally it lightened up after about 45 min, I bought a camera case and we left to go see “T,” a recent convert. We were at his house from like 6:50 to 7:30, headed out and right as we leave his apartment complex, same thing. Except now we were outside, on bike, riding to our car. We decided to just keep going since we had a meeting at 8 at the church. We got obliterated by water.. I haven't been that wet in forever. We were waiting at an intersection right by the car, and I look down the street, and about 150 yards up, I see a bright white light above the street. I'm thinking, ah man is that pole going to get struck by lightning? Then all of a sudden, BOOM! A power box exploded and the whole street went dark! I started freaking out and just booked it to the car. Haha. Ah wow. It was insane. I love Florida :) We had to stay in the apartment on Sunday for like 5 hours because of the storm. We were in the other elders apt and played some games. It was ok. Ha. Days like that are pretty annoying. 

But.. Anyway.. That's about it. “D” is still awesome. “W” is still awesome. Our investigator's are doing alright. “K” is the story of the week. Look for pics/update next week :)
K love you all! Have a good week! Miss you!

 Elder JR Thorne

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