Monday, July 8, 2013

Habiendo sido comisionado por Jesucristo...

Dear family and friends.
“K” got baptized! Ah man it was so so good. She was all set. We didn't have to make sure she was good or boost her desire, she was just prepared from the beginning. She invited her family (her mom and dad) and they are from Peru. They speak really good English, but pretty much everyone at the service (her family and her bf “A's” family) are Latin, so we decided to do the service in Spanish. Which is fine. Except.. I was the one to do the baptizing... So yeah. I did it in Spanish. It was pretty sweet. I was way nervous at first, but once we stepped in the water I was fine. I had memorized it, but we did tape up a little help on the wall. I looked at it just right before, then did it with no problem. It was pretty sweet. The whole thing was very spiritual. “A” was even crying at the end, and he's a big tough guy haha. So good. 

Other than that.. We seem to be struggling to find new people. So that's what we're working on. Actually, we did find a couple pretty sweet guys. Oh wait. First of all I'll tell you about my new comp. His name is Elder “M.”  He's actually Elder “B's” cousin! (Who I actually received a wedding invitation from!) Anyway.. He's from Rexburg, ID. He's even more quiet than I am; or used to be. He's been out for about 6 months (I keep getting newbies..). We don't have like anything in common, but we get along fine. I get along with just about anyone anyway.. But yeah. He's cool. I love him.

Ok so back to the guys. On Wednesday, the first day with Elder “M,” we ran into this cool guy named “K.” He's about 23 and he actually had just walked out of his door to light up a cigarette. We blessed his home and invited him to be baptized, and he said maybe. We set up to come back the next day (we didn't realize that it was 4th of July). We were late going over there because of a flat tire -__-.. and we caught him right as he was leaving to watch the fireworks in downtown West Palm Beach. We were disappointed, but I had a really good feeling about him. We tried a couple more times the next couple of days with no luck, but then on Saturday in the early afternoon, we stopped by and were able to meet with him. His roommate, “K2,” answered the door and invited us in. “K” came out and we invited “K2” to sit in with us, which he did. We had a powerful lesson about God being our loving Father in Heaven and prayer. They felt it so strong and “K2” prayed at the end. He had said that he does pray often, but he didn't know who or what he was praying to. We taught them the steps of prayer, and he said such a good, humble prayer to end us off. After the 'amen', his face just shone. It was so amazing. I loved it. 

Def the highlights of the week. Other than that, we just need some more people to teach. haha.

But yeah. Life's good. I like it. I don't want to come home. But I do. Nah I just want music and movies. Haha. So things I want when I get home: 1 Beats (those are a must) 2 iPhone 3 Camaro SS 4 new laptop 5 actually i think that's about it. haha. I'm not trunky.. Those are just things I miss most other than fam :) I miss you guys the Most and I love you so so much!

Elder JR Thorne

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