Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cold in Miami?

So first off, today is p day because President changed it. I believe it is because all of the libraries were closed yesterday. So sorry for the lateness. Also, it is so cold! This past week was about 65 degrees and I was dying! I have a cold :( yesterday was miserable but today i feel better. I don't know how I'll ever come back to Utah...  Anyway, the week was good. Mom, thanks for that great surprise! Everyone loved it. That day all day, I was thinking, I'm definitely ordering pizza hut tonight. But I couldn't get the number! So that was definitly inspired. .. So on Sunday, Elder Skousen and I went to PEC and the second counselor asked us if we could help him out with something. Of course we said yes and he asked if we could speak in Sacrament Meeting! Everyone, including the bishopric, thought it was fast Sunday. But when they got there, they looked at the stake calendar and saw that it is next week. So we both spoke on missionary work for about 10 min. each. I thought it went well...

Well, we don't have much work here.. No real solid investigators other than Alejandra and her mom, Patricia (But in the 2 months, they haven't come to church once!!....) So we're really focusing on finding. Especially those who are ready. Actually, we are teaching this dad, mom and daughter who is a referral and we taught them the restoration and they are promising. He can only meet with us on Sundays. That's a little tough. Other than that, all is well. Mama Braithewaite gave me some cold medicine so i'm taken care of :) thanks for everything and i miss you all!! I Love you!

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