Tuesday, January 10, 2012

7 Homes Blessed and a Transfer

Welp..I'm being transferred. I don’t know where yet. I don't find out until tomorrow's transfer meeting. I'm excited to see new things. I got all the things you sent. Except the insulin. That was sent to the office but Elder Smith and I weren't able to pick it up so the zone leaders have it in their fridge and I'll get it tomorrow. I will be good til then. Speaking of, I got my first occlusion today. Like 30 min ago. So I'm pretty mad about that since I just changed it yesterday. Last Wednesday, we all went harvesting as a mission from 5-7. We left 7 blessings in that hour, which was our goal. As a mission, our goal was 200. We left 368 blessings! Isn't that cool? We are still following up with those people but none are solid investigators yet. Alejandra still hasn't come to church so she dropped very low on our priority list. It's bad because she was our main focus for like 2 months. So we don't have much other than that. Louis, Suli and Valeria Palma is the family we can only teach on Sunday. They're a referral from the Acosta family in the ward here. We had FHE at the Acosta's with them and taught about the BoM and it was so spiritual. They speak good English so I could teach. Sis Acosta bore an amazing testimony so they're definitely going to get baptized soon. I'm sad I won't be here. I'm about 90% recovered from my cold. So we went to this family from the ward who runs like a restaurant out of their house to eat and there was this old guy there who reminded me of Alex Mihel a ton! haha it was so crazy. But he was from Argentina. Keep my updated on the Jazz! Hopefully it's a good sign and they'll get things turned around. Dad, you should get a new Infiniti M37S. They're super cool. How is Bro Lomu? A brother moved in here from PG and he was on Highland rugby when they made Forever Strong so he knew  him. He's an awesome guy. Welp, next week I'll be in a different place. Crazy! I miss you all and Love you like crazy!!

Love, Elder Thorne

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