Monday, January 30, 2012

I'll go where you want me to go!

We're a little late today because we helped a member move this morning. It was good. Mom, that scripture in D&C 84:88 was very nice to hear.  Thank you.  My first night here in Wellington, I was lying in bed wondering like why I was here, and I missed Miami and my old area, when all of the sudden I started hearing “I’ll go where you want me to go” in my head.  That was very nice and reassuring.  Oh yeah, mom, congrats on the new call!  I guess they’re preparing you to be a grandma.  You’ll do so good in that calling.  I’m starting to be really good with kids now.  I had a ton of little Latin girls who I befriended down in Flagler/Fontainebleau.
Don’t worry, we don’t go to McDonalds that often.  Just once or twice a week.  The weather is nice here.  We share the car with the North Elders.  We trade off once a week.  We have the car this week.  Dad, I also love studying the Book of Mormon every day! It really gives me strength throughout the day.  Good luck with Youth Conference!  If I think of anything I’ll let you know.  I remember someone asking if horses are big here.  Yes, they are.  It’s Equestrian or Polo (or both) season, so everyone is here with their horses and I guess rent goes up a ton.  Some of the neighborhoods and houses here are super nice!  I’ve seen some Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and etc.  Pretty cool.  I really enjoy it here.  Oh, I forgot to tell you this about Keith.  So we had a great lesson with him on Friday and we asked him to say the closing prayer and ask if the things we’re telling him are true and to pause for a minute after so he could see how he felt.  So he said “amen” and we sat there for what seemed like an hour and I looked up at him and his eyes were twitching (they were closed).  Finally, he looks up and said he felt good and tingly.  It was so awesome!  He’s super prepared.  This past week was good. We found a family like last Monday night, a Mom and her 5 daughters ages 8,9,10,12 and 13. And the grandma actually just got baptized in New York like the day before. So we committed them for the 18th. All should go smoothly for that. Things are good with my new comp. We get along well and we're doing a lot of great work. 11 new gators, 7 at church and 9 baptismal dates.
I study Spanish an hour a day but I don't feel like I'm making progress.. I'm going to start asking the Spanish people in the ward to help. Nothing too exciting this week. Just working hard. We get like 3-4 meals a week from members. Which is nice. Yesterday we went to a Samoa family to eat dinner and I had so much food! Remember on Thanksgiving when I had like 3 meals in a row? Well I hurt more from this 1 meal! It was delicious but so much food! After we finished eating, the adults (there were 2 other families who came) stayed and talked around the table so Elder Shaffer and I sat on the couch with the kids and we got to watch the first quarter of the Heat/Bulls game! Ah I loved it so much. Oh the Heat all black uni's were so sick! Jeez i miss basketball so much.. How is the All Star weekend Going to play out? And who is that huge guy on the Mavs? It looked like Shaq... so I got the package and recorder. Thank you, I will send it today. The BoM lady isn't in my area. She's in Plantation. I haven't heard anything yet.. Dad, can you send me my line of authority? That would be nice. Well... This week was pretty boring.. Just lots of hard work. I love you all! Thanks for everything you do.

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