Monday, January 23, 2012

All is well in Wellington

All is well here in Wellington. It's nice actually being able to talk to people now. It's exciting. For Spanish... Idk. I'm just winging it really. It's hard when I can't really practice. Elder Benson (one of the north elders (we're the south)) speaks Spanish so he helps when I see him. The ward here is ok... Maybe it's just cuz I haven't gotten to know them too well. The ones I have I love. So we'll see. It's scary being around so many white people..... We do our most work in one of the worst areas (according to a city council woman in the ward) and it is mostly black and I feel fine there. But we went to another super ghetto place full of white people and I was super scared the whole time. Haha. We email here at the chapel in the family history center. “T”was on house arrest waiting for his court date. So we prayed and prayed that he'd get to court. Well he had court last Tuesday, and we thought Monday was the last time we'd see him. But we went over Tuesday evening just to see and he was there. He got sentenced to 156 days in jail. Idk what he did but the “T” I knew would never do anything bad. I was heartbroken when I heard that. He got Tuesday to spend with his family then reported on Wednesday. He took his BoM with him to jail and I wrote my info on there so he can write me. I put our home address (I couldn't think of the office off the top of my head) but I also want to keep in contact with him for a long time. I truly came to love “T”. He's such a great kid. So James. We went over there like the next day and his step son, Keith, answered. He wasn't there so we went back the next day (this was Monday, I think) Keith answered again and James wasn't home again. We asked Keith if we could talk with him. He said sure and we've been teaching him ever since. He's going to be baptized on Feb 3!! He's so so awesome. He loves the gospel and feeling the Spirit. He came to church yesterday and in priesthood, when they asked if anyone was new, he stood right up and introduced himself. Then the first counselor was like, it's good to have you and we hope to see you again. Then Keith goes, "Oh, you will!!” SO COOL!!! haha he's so solid. I love him too. He lives right behind “T”, so when I walk by I have a hard time. But we told Keith that he could probably baptize “T” when he gets out. Keith is 23.
 I found out this week that I use the same tie knot as President Uchtdorf. So, I'm pretty cool :) On page 12 of the January Ensign, there's a good article about what happy couples do. One of them is go on dates often. So what our district is doing is called 'date night'. On Fri and Wed night from 7 to 8 is where we just invite invite invite people to be baptized. So mom and dad, Friday night can be your guys' date night (Heather and Hailey, you can too. But not V..........) But I think that will be pretty cool.
The work here is awesome. We have some great investigators and I've met a ton of cool people. I love it here. I miss you guys but this is definitely what I’m supposed to be doing. I love it. I love you.

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