Monday, April 16, 2012

Caught in a rainstorm!

K well we went to the Collins' (senior missionaries) this morning to get haircuts (everyone got one except for me) so I don't have my planner, which is where I write a lot of things down to tell you. But I'll try to remember everything. The first thing I remember is on Friday, we met up with Bro. Remmington Jarvie and went out with him. He was a missionary here who left last March and knew Elder Ensing. He was here visiting the mission and he came here and we went to lunch and taught a couple people. Anyyyyyway. What type of car did Lehi take his family in into the wilderness? (answer at end)
Ok so about the rest of my week. We still haven't found anyone great. We taught a couple new people and set up return appointments, we'll just have to see. I still have been having problems with flat tires... On Friday, with Bro. Jarvie, I got one and the other elders picked us up, then later, Bro. Jarvie got one. While we were riding, it was POURING. We were all soaked. Then he realized he had a flat, so we walked to our next appt.(fell through), then we walked to the train and dropped him off, then Elder Ensing and I rode home. But we walked like 2 miles in the pouring rain. It was fun... The water thing works great. I love it. I got the pods as well. Thanks.
 I can't believe Marty is out of young men's! That is so weird. Tell him I say hi. Oh yeah, so in Wellington, we never had the chance to go back to that family and eat papussa's. So i have yet to try them. But I'm sure I'll have more chances in the next year and a half. Things with Elder Ensing are fine.

My blood sugar has been ok. Sometimes I get low but i take care of it. I don't check very often. I just forget because I have other things on my mind, but I am doing ok. Well, I can't remember anything else significant that happened this week. I would tell you about investigators, but we don't have any good ones. We did meet one guy named Jose Diaz who could be promising. We're seeing him tonight. I'll let you know. I love you! Miss you all.
Lehi travelled with his family in the wilderness in one accord.

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