Monday, April 9, 2012

Pretty good week

This week has been better. My bike is all fixed now. I finally got my back tire patched up. I had to do it like 6 times because air kept getting out, so there's like 3 pattches on my tube. So the next day, I guess I ran over a thorn and popped my front tire...... But that just took one patch. But it took like 30 min to find the tiny hole. Other than that, it was an ok week.
I can't remember if I told you about our new investigator who is pregnant? I think I did and mentioned that she's due next month.. Well she's actually just 4 months pregnant..... And apparently the baby hates water. She struggles to even take a shower. So that might be a while.. Hey we actually got fed by a member yesterday. It was pretty good. But still no one else has even offered. 
At one point during the week, one of our appointments fell through, and harvesting was planned right after that appointment, so we just decided to start then. We were standing at a corner and we felt strongly like we should stay on that street, even though we haven't had any success earlier on that street. We started at the end and about the third house we knocked on, we met a really cool guy. At first, he declined the blessing but we testified and he let us in. He was home alone and he told us about how him and his wife were contemplating divorce, so he wanted a different spirit in his home. We promised him that this would help. We left a great blessing and were talking afterwards. He asked "So you guys said that something told you to come here?" We told him yes and he almost started crying and we set up a return appointment to come and teach his family! It was such a great experience. We left there extremely pumped and we left 10 blessings that day, like 6 families.
Nothing else really happened. You don't need to send that recipe. I just wanted it for when I get home. Yes, the ward here is in English. They do a Creole translation. The Haitian members are really cool and nice. I love Haitian people.  Some of the ones we knock on are really mean... But the nices ones are really awesome. Welp.. Idk what else to say. Alright, well, I miss you all. I love you all a ton!

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