Monday, April 30, 2012

Seven day baptism!

Hello.. It was a pretty good week. Lots of rain, some cool new investigators who we set with dates, oh and we totally had a baptism. Ha. So last Sunday, some lady just showed up to church. A member introduced us to her, Evana, and we talked a little and set up to come over on Tuesday. She said how a while ago, she had a member friend who tried to introduce her to the gospel. But she was very against it. So over the course of her life, she has gone down a wrong path in her life and over the last couple of years, has been trying to get back. The Saturday before, one of her youth pastors (or someone like that) said something that really hit her and she felt prompted to look up the LDS church, because it had stuck in her mind. She found the nearest chapel that night, and came to church the next day. That's where we met her. So during our lesson on Tuesday, we testified of baptism and the remission of sins and told her she could be baptized That Sunday! She instantly accepted! So we had that yesterday! It was so sweet. It was a one week baptism. I've heard of 8 days, never 7! We're so awesome. You only hear about those kinds of things. It was such an awesome experience. Misheann and Jean are doing good. We set them with dates. Misheann is pretty solid, Jean just needs to receive an answer, which he will. On Wednesday, we went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders. A 24 hour exchange. So Elder Ensing went up to West Palm and I stayed here. Elder Conger came with me. He is a really cool guy, we worked very well together. We were the ones who set Misheann with a date. Anyway. So the AP's and President already know some of the transfer information and so if someone is about to train or be a district leader or take over an area, they'll have someone train them and help them. So I think that's what this was for me. They're training me to take over this area since Elder Ensing is going home.. It will be a good experience but I'm really nervous... I'm like 99.9% sure I'm staying here.    That's all I have to share about mission stuff. We were driving to church on Tuesday and we saw this SICK car. It was called like a Karma Ever or Ever Karma. None of us have ever seen it before. It was awesome. Oh, I also saw that Marriott Rewards has a credit card? That's cool. Do we get one? Just wondering.. Oh yeah so I sew stuff now. I keep getting rips on my pant cuffs so I sewed them together. I think that's pretty cool. My eye has been irritated and red since last Sunday, idk what's wrong with it. I may go see a doctor this week. I was thinking about the saying, "Building the Kingdom of God" and I found some really cool things. Read: Malachi 3:3; Isaiah 1:25 and 1:16; and Jeremiah 9:7. So us as the members are being refined as pure steel so that we can be the beams of the 'building'. And we're supposed to let that refining happen so that we can be as strong as we can. Then we're supposed to build around ourselves. It was interesting. Also read Deut 8:2. K I love you all! I can't believe it's already almost Mother's Day. We still need to make plans to skype.. But we will. I miss you guys. Love you!!  

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