Monday, April 23, 2012

Found some good investigators

This week was pretty good. A lot better than the last few. Have you guys seen the bible videos on They're super cool. Anyway, we finally have some cool people. None of them are super prepared, but as they read and pray about the BoM, they will get baptized. One lady, Misheann, is really cool. First of all, she looks like 32 but she's like 49. She's from the Bahama's and she's pretty receptive. She knows the BoM is a 'holy' book, which is cool. We just need to have the Spirit to know her needs. Another guy, Jean Augustine, is really sweet. He's haitian but speaks good English. He just loves God and wants to follow Him. He grasps pretty much everything, which is rare.. But it's awesome. There's a few more people who we're trying to progress. Oh yeah, remember the pregnant lady I talked about? Well it's been a couple weeks since we were able to contact her. On Thursday we gave her a call and she didn't answer. Like 2 min later we received a voicemail without getting a call. Well it was her and she told us that she was in the hospital and she lost her baby :( Ugh that was one of the worst feelings ever. We're going to try to see her later this week. Spanish has been super hard. There's only like 3 or 4 days a week where I can study, because of church, p day, meetings during the week.

Anyway, how is the Fort Lauderdale temple coming? We don't hear anything about it... Which is weird. But please keep me updated. So I thought I had a copy of my call, but I don't. Can you send me a copy? I have a sweet binder that I keep lots of things in. Also could you put the MTC pics back on the sim card before you send it back? Good times... I wanna see them and show them to people.

Well, it sounds like you all are having a great time at home. I'm glad. I'm having a good time too. Oh yeah, on Friday again, POURING rain. We were finishing up harvesting at 7 and it was about raining a little. Then we had to go to Bernadette's, which is a little west of us (we were way east). So like right when we got to our bikes, it started. So we rode in a waterfall like all the way home. I don’t know if you've looked at my place on google maps, but there's a big ol' pond on the south east side, and as we were riding past, there was a turtle on the middle of the sidewalk. So we stopped and were looking at it (we couldn't get any more wet) and it tried to run onto the road. The water level was up to the curb at that point so it kind of just glided into the street. There were a couple cars coming, but they drove past, so I ran out and grabbed it and put him back. It was intense. But yeah, I felt like I was in a waterfall for like 20 minutes.

I miss you guys a ton. I can't wait to talk to you in a couple weeks! I love you!!

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