Monday, July 23, 2012

Service Project and a Trip to the Animal Park

Hi family, This past week for me was pretty good. We met a way sick lady in a complex that a member lives in. We knocked on her door and said a prayer with her and her 2 kids ("W" 10 and "D" 8). We invited her to be baptized and she was a little not sure since she was Catholic, but we testified and she said sure.. But, we went back on Wednesday or something and had a sweet lesson with them and her roommate, "G" 19. We basically just talked about the Atonement and "J" said that she really wanted to come closer to Jesus Christ and God. "G" has never been baptized so we committed them all for the 29th. "J" came to church yesterday too! The kids or "G" weren't there because they were with their dad, but she brought her mom. It was way sweet. She's way solid. Oh, and on Saturday I think, we took her over to Sister "Y's" and had like the best member present lesson ever. Brother "W" was there and we set up a couple object lessons for the kids, which they weren't there either.. But it still was super sweet. She's going to be out of town this weekend :( but it's looking good for 4 baptisms on August 5! I'm super excited.  On Saturday, there was a stake day of service here. We went to a 'scout camp', it was just a big field. It was right by the temple, so we got to see the progress. Not too bad. For the service, our job was to move picnic tables then we got to burn stuff for a while. That was fun.  We're actually getting fed pretty well. We had 3 or 4 last week and already have like 2 for this week.  I forgot my planner at home, which has all of the stuff that I want to write to you... Cuz I can't remember anything. Sorry. But here's some sweet pics.  I love you guys! Oh, mom, I have plenty of supplies. I'll let you know exactly how many next week. K i miss you all like crazy! But I love you so much more! Oh, and all of you should go to the temple as much as you can. I can't go til I leave! The day before we go home we go to Orlando. SO far away. So be grateful that you can go anytime you want! K Love you!

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