Monday, July 16, 2012

Stay Strong!

Sorry I'm late today. We went to a place called Native Village today and saw some gators! Ha. It was way cool. I have pics but no cord to upload them :( and no envelope to send the sim card home. But it was super cool. I was talking to the zl's and I guess you can take vids. So there are some sweet videos too. Oh, and I got to hold/kiss an alligator. It was SICK!! 
Anyway. It was a pretty good week. "L" has been avoiding us... Probably ran into some anti. We'll try to keep going with her but it's been almost a week since we last saw her. We also knocked President's street yesterday. It's a super rich street so the AP's never knocked there because they didn't have the faith. But Elder Larsen and I did, and first of all, left 3 blessings, and found a way sick family of 7! We think it's just the mom and kids, but it was way awesome to have that much success on such a street. I'm glad my pic is finally on the blog. The "P's" are way cool. I barely got to see Fort Laud. We just drove by on the way home. Next week we're going to the mall. Sawgrass mall, apparently it's like the 15th biggest in the world. Then maybe the next p day, we can go see Fort Laud. I really want to. It's starting to get way hot. The humidity is way bad. It's so thick and makes you sweat a lot. There wasn't rain here for like 2-3 weeks but last week it rained a couple times. There's way awesome lightning/thunder here. Huge bright flashes and crazy thunder. I love it. 
Man, I wish I could be there for "T's" endowment. Tell him congrats and I love him!
Gator wise (investigator), we have a date with this Haitian girl that we blessed. She's at least 16 (we're not sure yet..), and she's pretty cool. We're still in the early stages, but we'll see how it goes. Also, a girl named "T" She really wants to be baptized, her fam might hold her back though... So we're trying to work through that. We gave her a BoM and she seems excited to learn. Umm.. Idk no one else like way cool. We've gone around and visited with a lot of members. The ward here is way awesome. Especially the ward mission leader. Bro. "W", he's way sweet. There's a way funny Chinese couple in the ward.  
I'm glad that my pants are finished, those were my fave. It's been a while since I've been able to wear them. Dad, those ties I sent home, you can wear them until I get back. Those are my nice ones so I like never wear them. But I want them back..
Ok, well.. Still not a lot going on in my life. Just same old same old. Working hard. Having a good time. I love it here. It's lots of fun. I miss you all. And love you guys like crazy. Stay strong.

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