Monday, July 30, 2012

Everything is good here in Planation

Hello Thorne family
All is doing good here in Plantation. Remember back in March when we baptized 106 people? Well 100 has always been a mission goal. In the month of July, we baptized 141!! Isn't that way sick? Of course, Elder Larsen and I didn't contribute... But, it's still way awesome. We have 6 dates so far for August. So we'll definitely get some people dunked next month. "J" and her family are still way sweet. They were out of town this last weekend so she wasn't able to come to church, but we send her a scripture every morning and she really likes that. We had a way good lesson with her at a members' house who lives in the same apt complex. The kids were with their dad so it was just her, us, Sister "Y" and her two daughters, and the ward mission leader. So at first she was a little shy, but by the end she was good. It was the best lesson like ever. We just taught the Gospel and she understood it well, she's Catholic so she's heard it before.., but you could tell that the Spirit was there. It was so cool. 

We also have a guy named "J" that was a media referral. We just stopped by his house because we were right by it. He was excited to see us. He's like 30(?) and he told us all about his past and drug addiction and he's been clean and sober for 2 weeks and he wants to come closer to Jesus Christ. So we committed him to be baptized right there. We're seeing him again tonight.

Other than that, not a whole lot is going on. We're working hard and having fun. The mission is kinda going slow right now. Idk I've kinda been discouraged even though we're having more success and fun. But I hear that it happens to pretty much everyone at this point in their mission. So I'm sure it'll pass soon.

K so guess what? I haven't bought soda for like 3 months now. I used to buy some every week. But now I buy Clear American. Isn't that what you used to drink dad? I buy like 6 of the one liter's. And that's what I drink at home. K some spanish member here said that J. Marriott pays 90% tithing... There's no way that's true. Dad? haha. So remember how my areas just got more and more ghetto? Well this is definitely the nicest, but at the same time, I've never heard so much sirens in my life ha. At least twice a day we hear some sirens. It's kinda funny. We haven't made it downtown or to the mall yet. We don't have the miles.. So next P-day hopefully. I got the package. Thanks. Can you send me some food? Like chips and snacks.. I didn't have a lot of money on my msf so I couldn't get a lot of food today. So that would make me happy :) Look at mormon channel and watch the Alex Boye music video for "Have I Done Any Good in the World Today". And the "Stay Within the Lines" video. B Lomu is in it. Haha. K I love you guys! I gotta go play some bball. Love you!

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