Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Greatest Mission in the Land!

Dear Fam.
Idk if I've told you how transfers happen.. So I'll tell you. So on Monday we go out and proselyte (that's why it's called pros [pross] Monday). And usually those days are way bad because it's been Forever since the last p day it seems like. We come home and do the normal night stuff. Then most zones do transfer calls like this: Everyone in the zone gets on a conference call and the zl's read off the info. Like, elder (), staying. elder () transfering. elder () staying and training. So they only tell you if you're leaving or if you're staying and if you're training. Not where you're going or who you'll be with or if you'll be a dl or zl. Then p day Tuesday is spent packing.. Then at transfers, the area's are read and displayed on a powerpoint and that's where you find everything out. It's really nerve wracking. haha. But I'm staying. Ha. So is Elder "W."And Elder "P." Elder "C" is transferring. Which I'm sad because he is a good friend. But I'm actually pretty glad I'm staying. Before yesterday was pretty rough, I didn't really want to stay here. But yesterday we found some pretty cool people.
"S" is still cooool. She had an interview on Sunday because she still feels a little bit scared about it. But she passed. It was actually at stake conference. The YW leader here is super awesome. She gave "S" and her sister, who we're also teaching, "S2" (she's progressing a little bit slower) a ride all the way up to Stuart. The wards here are great. We have a meal almost everyday. Not actually at their house, but they come drop off food a lot. Which is way sweet. And a lot of members are willing to come out with us and teach. This is probably the best ward I've been in. Well, I guess now wards so I don't know how that will work out. It was stake conference last week so we didn't experience the different wards yet. It starts this week. The area's haven't been changed yet, I'm sure on Wednesday we'll have new boundaries. We live only like 1/2 mile from the border of the new ward so it's not bad. And I'm guessing we'll get a car since our area is really big. Hopefully, but we'll see.
Another transfer here in Wellington/Royal Palm Beach. I'm excited but it will be tough. Oh well. I'm still having fun and a good time.  I'm really happy. I hope you all are too. I can't wait to see you all again! I miss you and love you!
Elder JR Thorne

Then, this from the Mission President's email to the missionaries:

"We just got word last week that the Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission is the highest baptizing Mission in the United States and Canada. This hasn’t happened out of the Utah Missions in a long time I am told. What an honor to know that you missionaries are working so hard and reaping such great miracles in finding the elect of God. I wasn’t going to announce this because we shouldn’t compare with others, but General Authorities are telling other leaders and I rather you hear it from me. Remember God’s hand is in this work and he has poured out his Spirit to make us instruments in His hands. You are amazing missionaries and I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of your Mission."

No wonder they call this the Greatest Mission in the Land!

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